Euglena sweet of Japanese convenience store, inexpensive and delicious

I’d like to introduce some sweets of Euglena (Japanese name: Midorimushi) sold at a Japanese convenience store named “FamilyMart.” “Euglena Honey and Oat Danish”     Reference A honey-flavored Danish into which Euglena was kneaded, and fragrant oats are used as topping of it. It contains 300 milligrams of Euglena, but its flavor isn’t strong. “Euglena and powdered Green tea pudding”    Reference It is a pudding with a creamy powdered green tea flavor, and its texture is smooth. The flavor is enhanced by synergy of Euglena and powdered Green tea. Reference The pudding melts in your mouth smoothly; you are sure to love this texture, so you … Continued

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