“Euglena (Japanese name; Midorimushi) Kinakonejiri”, gentle sweetness of soybean flour

Kinakonejiri is made from Kinako (soybean flour) as a main ingredient. It is a popular Kinako Wagashi(Japanese sweets) among wide generations and has been made since early Edo period (around 1600 A.D.) . It contains soybean-derived protein and dietary fiber. You can enjoy the healthy flavor and gentle sweetness of soybean flour. “Euglena (Japanese name; Midorimushi) Kinakonejiri”   Reference  euglena-farm.jp The Kinakonejiri is kneaded super nutritious euglenas(Japanese name; Midorimushi)  which have 59 kinds of well-balanced nutrients such as essential amino acids, vitamins, and so on. Reference  euglena-farm.jp It is also tasty , so you can easily ingest abundant nutrients. It is co-developed by a Kinako confectionery maker and a Midorimushi … Continued

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